Valentine’s? For Real . . .

Valentine's? For Real . . .

I like the idea of a day to celebrate loving, despite the commercial hype. But the reality is, many of us are alone right now, or in relationships that are cracking under the strain of lockdown isolation.


So here are three music mixes for you to journey with, whether you have company or not:

  • If you’re furious, irritated, pissed off, annoyed, irked, frustrated, enraged, or any of the other variants of anger, go for it here. Let it out.

Please do watch the video below before you use them. If you’re still not sure, especially regarding moving through your anger or grief, then maybe hold off and get some tuition. If you feel anxious about bringing up feelings which you then can’t handle, maybe ask for some support from myself or a therapist.


Otherwise, I hope you get something out of these journeys. Let me know how you get on?


Blessings on your loving!


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