“I’ve learned to fight for my life, to dance like a derwish, and that I can’t make anybody love me!”


“I am more conscious and in contact with my breath and body, with a deeper understanding of stillness.”

Violinist, teacher, explorer

“In daily life, I saw a transformation, much more at ease in contact with others.”


“I thought I´d say something like you save my life… but actually you don´t save my life. I am not in danger of dying. You just make my life so much more full of joy every f***ing minute (when I am conscious) with these opportunities you give! It makes this huge, really huge difference.”

Civil Engineer and climber

“This field you created gives me the trust that there is some real change in human consciousness arising. I feel a true strength inside.”

Yoga Teacher

“Thank you for the work you are doing. What I have learnt from you helped me through some very difficult times.”


“A very intense and wonderful practice…”

Media Manager National Opera House, Paris

“I have a whole new range of tools, insights and clarified landscapes. Something really worked.”

Production assistant at the Conscious Dance Conference

“Thank you for a beautiful brilliant superb so helpful workshop.”


“Holy moly! Adam, thank you for a shatteringly brilliant in the best of ways workshop last weekend. I just had a great time.”

Kate Monro

“The practice was deeply releasing for me.”

Embodied Facilitator Course

“Adam is a gem: a highly experienced guide and a visionary source of wisdom, possessing authenticity, humility, and humour that radiate through his work.”

Nicola Holmes
Coach and Facilitator, Toronto

“I learned to have the courage to feel.”

Single mother of two lovely kids

“I feel good, grounded, no panic. Less dissociated.
Peter Levine and you are big gifts from heaven in dealing with PTSD.”


“I have greatly expanded my range of movements and their combination, and regained my internal connection.”

Aga Lesny
experience designer

“Adam has a stellar reputation for his enthusiasm and professional demeanor, and is one of the most sought after facilitators in the global conscious movement circuits. An elite leader in the field and a recognized pioneer.”

Mark Metz
Founder of Conscious Dancer Magazine