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ZeroOne: Fundamentals
05 Mar 20 - 07 Mar 20 / United Arab Emirates, Dubai

It feels good to move freely, breathe fully, be emotionally expressive, and speak the truth.

It also feels good to be still and peaceful, letting go of all action, taking refuge in silence and simply resting as awareness within the body. Nothing needs to be changed.

These are the two polarities of our own being — wild fertile life and silent still awareness. ZeroOne is embodied meditation embracing both, aligning us with our true nature which is essentially sexual, loving, and free.

Then we can get to what’s going on, once we’re awake in body heart and mind.

Then we can get real about what we’re facing in life, in our relationships, in our work, and take a step on our path with honesty, vulnerability and power.

Then we have an opportunity to do what we came here to do, and take our place in this world that is in such mighty transformation, so deeply needing your light to shine.