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You, Me and Us
12 Nov 21 - 14 Nov 21 / Poland, Warsaw
18:00 - 17:00h (UTC+0)

Resilience and resources for each other in times of trouble

Relating to others — whether friends, lovers, enemies or colleagues — we get to find out how far we’ve come. It’s all very well to be enlightened sitting alone on a mountain top meditating, but…..

Relationships pull us into the heart: not the fantasy-nice emoticon-heart, but the ragged realities we actually have going on, where we’ll often be found avoiding intimacy, denying the truth, and blaming someone else for our experience.

We’re in troubled times, and all our relationships are at the frontline of the personal news channel: whether we’re contributing to breakdown or breakthrough. What’s it going to be, today? Now?

Movement practice can be relevant, real, and revolutionary if we choose it so. Here’s a weekend to make things a little more conscious and deepen our capacity for warm-hearted honesty with anyone we come across, to rebuild connection and community.