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24 May 19 - 26 May 19 / United Kingdom, London

Co-led with Jessica Howie
The inspiration for this workshop arises from our shared belief that it’s vital that we give our loving attention to the dance between men and women. That exploring the complex dynamics between Us is essential to our own personal healing, that of our communities, and that of our planet and all life on it. We have lived for thousands of years with the masculine and feminine being out of balance, which is being expressed in the deeply catastrophic and dysfunctional world we have created and are now living in.
This weekend is time together for Us to recognise some of our own projections and hurts, fears and longings towards one another, and bravely express ourselves in a safe and held space. We will dance together with the intention of taking conscious steps towards healing our wounds, taking responsibility for our part in the divide between Us, and discovering healthier ways of moving with one another.
This is not a workshop about relationships, though couples are welcome. It is an open space for dancers who are willing to take responsibility for their own place and and their own steps, to move through this wild and tender landscape between men and women.
We will be together on the Friday night, the Saturday we dance separately, and we will come back together on the Sunday.