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The Man, the Boy, and the Beast
15 May 20 - 17 May 20 / United States, Boulder, CO

Do you get stuck trying to be nice? Or find yourself feeling like an animal trapped in a cage? Do you miss your fundamental innocence? Or find yourself wheedling for favours?

How do you deal with the forces inside you which you cannot really control? How does the boy you have been dance with the man you are becoming?

For all of us humans, our relationship to power and innocence can get tangled up and complicated, but as men, some of our shadow material is best unpacked and worked through with other men. None of us are completely immune to the potential for violence and abuse, but honestly revealing our stuff has a transformative power like nothing else, especially when it’s both embodied and spoken. Nothing is out of place.

To give whatever we have to movement is to trust in the body and put faith in the essential wellness of ourselves. It’s a good start. Then, when we dare to speak up and name what we’re up to, we get to see our hidden selves more clearly, and in the solid love of a men’s circle something in us moves right in the core. The boy and the beast can be balanced within the arms, the heart, and the belly of the man.