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The Art of Relating
15 Apr 20 - 19 Apr 20 / Belgium

The simplest form of loving is to give attention.

Something happens when we show up in front of each other — in relationship for a moment, a year or a lifetime — that cannot happen when we’re alone. We see ourselves in the mirror, blindspots uncovered. We get stirred up in ways we cannot control, feeling more of everything, and growing more alive. We get the opportunity to give to each other, and our existence becomes meaningful in a whole new way as we engage in the web of life. 

Approaching this through movement, we ground our experience in spontaneous creative action that is endlessly fruitful and en-lightening. Adding our willingness to speak the truth as best we can in the service of loving and stay present with the consequences is the next step. Then we learn to trust our gut instincts and have faith in the power of relationship as a fast-track pathway to each other’s personal evolution. 

ZeroOne is spiritual practice, and it has the potential for deep healing, but it is also Art. To move and speak with each other as artists lifts us out of work mode and into deeply playful exploration, beyond right and wrong, where loving can find us over and over — juicy, willing, and alive.