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MoveOn Camp
02 Jun 22 - 05 Jun 22 / Poland, Olsztynek

Would you like some time in nature, to move and dance with a big group of people led by facilitators from different disciplines?

Adam from ZeroOne, but also there’s Movement Medicine, Contact Improv, Tantra, Qi Gong, BMC, GAGA, bodywork, breathwork and more. Wow . . .

Not only this amazing mixture, but there’s a storyline woven through the whole time so that it becomes one arc of experience, taking everyone together through:

Orientation — Awakening — Alchemy — Integration

See the program website here (use a browser that will translate for you if you don’t speak Polish, such as Chrome!)

(Yes there will be translation into English during all workshops)

Or join the Facebook page here


From the program designers:

We believe that DANCE / as MOVEMENT & SILENCE has healing potential and the power of creation
MoveOn Camp aims to move the body, heart and mind. The beauty of nature is an inspiration for inner awakening. The alchemy of movement, nature, voice, breath, music, and performing art will create the best conditions for the energy of your being to flow freely. Alchemy of movement – your energetic perpetual motion process.

The idea of the meeting is to create a community, a kind of leaven of a new HUMAN and a new Earth. The thematic axis is therefore also internal and external communication. It is what makes us fulfilled, aware and valuable people.

In this event we will encourage you to get the creative material of your heart-body-soul connection and make it embodied.

It is an event where we combine the quality and intimate atmosphere of a workshop meeting (retreat) with the openness and atmosphere of the festival. The new canon of the event has been developed to operate more effectively, and to combine development work with the pleasure of rest and integration of the environment. 

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