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Freedom—Rhythm—Time: ZeroOne meets TaKeTiNa
13 Mar 20 - 15 Mar 20 / Australia, Melbourne

“Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances” — Maya Angelou

Co-led by Adam & Tania Bosak

Click here for a video introduction to this workshop

ZeroOne: a movement practice that weaves together the wild fullness and love of life through the body with the utterly empty freedom of awareness itself, bringing up all that is not fully alive or free in the process and integrating that back into the whole experience of self.

TaKeTiNa: an active rhythm meditation, where the body becomes the instrument, and guided rhythm journeys invite states of timelessness and deep rhythmic flow, creating an exhilarating inner silence as well as a wellspring of musical creativity.

These two practices are deeply complementary, one based in clear rhythmic form, the other based on improvisation, both rooted in the value of being totally present. Together, they forge a powerful catalyst for you to learn how you learn, unpack the ways you block your growth, and open a pathway ahead to wake up more and participate in your life with a renewed level of creativity and inspiration.

“I’ve been dancing for years, and going so deep into rhythm through TaKeTiNa has opened up brand new levels in my dance. Really amazing. Taken me places I’ve never been before.”