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Fierce Loving
28 Jun 19 - 30 Jun 19 / Germany, Freiburg

“You cannot truly make love if your anger is blocked” Ida Kelarova – School for Human Voice

Loving is fierce! At least sometimes. To truly love we have to be willing and able to be passionate, to allow the animal in us breathing space, to be able to say “Yes!” or “No!” with everything we have – body heart and mind.

The emotional energy necessary for this kind of loving is the creative expression of the energy we usually call anger. It is anger as a vast field of experience: not just the blame and rage that can be so destructive, but the hot-blooded, whole-hearted feeling states that range from a highly disciplined integrity to a wild fire-storm strong enough to protect our children. It’s what gives us the ability to stand for something, defend innocence, to say no to bullshit whether our own or somebody else’s.

Most of us didn’t learn to express with this energy in functional ways, to channel it in service to love and life, staying emotionally healthy with it. Instead we have socially dysfunctional withhold/erupt patterns, with long-term suppressed anger lurking under the surface that bursts out at inappropriate moments, with an intensity and violence that’s way out of proportion to the situation.

Dedicated movement practice helps us regain our power with anger so we’re not victims to it – either our own or other people’s. To give space for our vulnerability and fears. To embody all these feelings thoroughly, without judgement. To unearth the old buried stuff and let it go. To take responsibility for our feelings and use them creatively. To rediscover anger as the magnificent natural expression of life-force that it can be. And ultimately to go through anger so deeply that it becomes a meditation, a profound dive into the mysterious heart of all things that gives us the inner authority to love even when the going gets tough, so that tenderness is sweeter and more real than it’s ever been.