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27 Sep 19 - 29 Sep 19 / Austria, Graz

A moving exploration of the juiciest polarity of all! No matter what gender you identify as, no matter what your sexual orientation, you’ve got these two forces going on inside you all the time, and you’re dealing with them in all your relationships too, whether you’re with friends, at work, or in bed.

We’ll unpack our experiences using movement and dance, with the space to be unreasonable as well as intelligent, emotional as well as embodied, relational as well individual. Strong feelings are welcome, as are all perspectives.

Woven through the whole journey will be a dynamic meditation within the core polarity we are; that between body and spirit. Right there in the constant lovemaking between the body and the breath… in, out, in, out, in out… creating life, moment to moment, from birth to death.

We will use movement and awareness to allow the passion and craziness of life to fully live while staying present with the subtle silence and stillness that always is. This is our practice, our challenge and our blessing. We are life itself, and we are born to move.

Being both a wild dance and a still centre, we have the opportunity to embrace the whole span of ourselves and learn through embodied practice with each other. We can create new pathways to navigate the rollercoaster of daily life in this way, to be able to receive, and to give, to reveal and to listen, to love the world just as breath loves the body.

Price: €225 full price, €200 for early bird until Aug 15th.