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Fear, Power & Transformation
11 Oct 19 - 13 Oct 19 / Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Fear is real. It is primal, instinctive, and holds enormous power if we can find the courage to face it, feel it, and go through it. Mostly we avoid feeling fear,  tensing up or dissociating, but its true nature is a life-giver, a heart opener, an agent of transformation and rebirth: simply energy that can become a source of power. 

Becoming aware of our fears, learning to distinguish between head-trips and the animal instinct for danger, having the courage to do scary things for love or adventure – these are all basic life-skills essential for a whole-hearted experience of being human. 

So we investigate the light and shadows of these energies through movement practice and deep enquiry, allowing what we called fear to transform into a dynamic form of loving, a power that is rooted in vulnerability, a resource for energising and awakening your daily life.