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Family & Business Systemic Constellations
05 Dec 20 / Online Event
15:00 - 18:00h (UTC+0)

A practical workshop to explore the hidden dynamics of family and business challenges led by Darya Haitoglou and Adam, based on the work of Virginia Satir (Pioneer in Systemic Family Therapy).

A Family Constellation is a process that allows discovering the invisible underlying dynamics of relationships and patterns from our family of origin. This may involve our original family, present family and our ancestral past. It is experiential, a brief solution-focused intervention that utilizes body sensing in tapping into the dynamics of the individual’s family, relational or systemic issues.

A Family Constellation or Business Constellation workshop or seminar consists of a group of people who agree to meet in a confidential and safe space.

There are many benefits of doing a Family Constellation or Business Constellation compared to the traditional methods such as counselling, extensive psychotherapy, coaching or personal development or motivational seminars.

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