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Deep Red – a real Valentine’s journey
14 Feb 20 - 16 Feb 20 / Greece, Athens

The one person who can truly love you unconditionally is… yourself.

And the sense of belonging we often look for in our intimate relationships is better found in community, family, tribe. 

When belonging and unconditional love are there already, then you have the strength and support to meet someone without clinging or defending, simply opening to the wild landscape of loving. Then you can embrace the vulnerability inside fear, stand up with the power inside anger, and let go to the beauty inside grief. Then you can fly on the wings of your joy, free of clinging. 

We can get a taste of all this through dedicated movement practice and dance. We can trust our own feet, support each other to feel everything that comes up, and reclaim the heartfelt instinct for relationship that knows how to go for what we desire, how to say no when it’s not right, and when to jump into the unknown. 

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