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Deep Focus Series (March-April)
28 Mar 21 - 18 Apr 21 / Online Event
15:00 - 19:00h (UTC+0)


Sundays: 3-7 pm UK time, Mar 28, Apr 4, 11, 18

A chance to bring your movement practice to real-life issues, in a small group (8 dancers). Four sessions, with focussed guidance from Adam.

If you really want to tackle something specific or deepen your practice, this is a powerful access point.

This series has been a profound change-point for previous participants, forming strong bonds with the other members of the group. Both highly experienced dancers and relative beginners have made breakthroughs in their movement, directly related to daily life challenges.

“This is sacred work.” — Natalie Poole, 5Rhythms Teacher



Whatever obstacles you are facing, whatever vision is guiding you, whatever wounds are being activated at this time: there’s a way to use embodied practice to empower the process.

Deep Focus uses three key ingredients towards this purpose:

— A wide-open palette of movement work, which might be about your physical freedom and presence, emotional expression and release, unpacking relational issues, healing traumatic experience, turbo-charging your creativity and sexuality, or surrendering to the inherently mysterious nature of life.

— The presence of a small group witnessing your movement work, bringing a heightened sense of awareness and potential to every second that you’re ‘on’. It’s hard to describe just how deeply this affects us; there tends to be a wholehearted compassion in the field that is both fierce and forgiving at the same time. The impact is profound because this is so unusual in day to day life.

— Radical facilitation by Adam, bringing a lifetime of experience to bear in shaping the invisible, pouring soul through the physical, and sourcing empowerment through vulnerability. Adam has a way of creating space with an electric combination of deep trust and intense challenge. You never know what you’re going to get, and that makes every moment vibrant, full of possibilities.

You will get to work intensively through a personal issue of your own, but you will also learn a great deal and deepen your practice considerably through what you see in others. There’s something about this format which takes us beyond the state of mind that’s all about ‘my practice, my experience, my journey’. That way, you’ll powerfully connect with the collective through both sides of the mirror, witnessing others and contributing to the whole. Everything is valued from the subtlest nuances to the fiercest firestorms.

Adam: “I love working this way. It takes everything I have (and then some!), which is profoundly enjoyable in the deepest sense of the word. It is utterly unpredictable, bringing us to the edge over and over again. Life rushes through, and we’re taken. I will stay right on the edge with you: highly creative, intuitive and unpredictable. One moment it will be all about the way you move some part of your body; the next it will be about your voice, or your grief; the next it will be focussed on your stories with your family; then how deeply you need to rest awhile. Ready??”



Places will be limited to 8.

• A good grounding in some kind of movement practice
• The ability and resources to integrate the possibility of strong emotional experience, which may be within yourself, or through access to support from friends, family or professionals.
• Good internet connection via laptop or notebook. A phone screen will be too small.

You may want to check out this video if you’re new to Deep Focus, which will give you more of a sense of the work.


“I had profound experiences in two Deep Focus online sessions. The experience was so much more personal, so much more intimate, and so much more powerful than I had anticipated. In both of sessions I was able to pinpoint, reconfigure and re-pattern some of my habitual emotional and physical patterns, finding new options for movement, and thus new choices for my motions and emotions. Adam’s voice and words midwifed me through my exploration – sometimes gently coaxing me, or cheering me on, or challenging me. I was able to see and bring to life an often hidden aspect of myself. This is sacred work. I was honoured to be witnessed and also to witness each person in the group rediscover their depth, their height, and their breadth. It was an opportunity I’m so glad I seized.” — Natalie Poole, 5Rhythms Teacher

“Deep focus helped me take full responsibility for my own dance in an environment that was both challenging and supportive. The opportunity to work individually, while being witnessed in a group setting is transformative. It takes courage to do this work, but it’s worth the effort!” — Chris, Dubai

“After a year of not being drawn to working with movement online, I decided to sign up for Adam’s deep focus work. Feeling safe in the holding of Adam from years of dancing with him as well as being a colleague and a close friend, he seemed the best choice for working online after a year of a very clear no to working in this way. I found the format extremely potent and at the same time easy on my nervous system and safe. Getting to know 8 strangers in a very well held and deeply intimate space with each of us getting a lot of time to do our individual pieces. There were many gifts that arose from this Deep Focus work. I found that the opportunity to embody what we were individually exploring while being witnessed by the group and held by Adam, allowed a healing movement to take place during the week, in between our sessions. Each session gave me an insight that I could then put into an embodied action, in my everyday life, to allow for deeper integration and positive change.” — Jessica, movement teacher

“Deep Focus was a salve that helped heal my fractured self, manifested a new job into my life, blessed me with acceptance, elicited courage and infused me with a breath of fresh air. This workshop renewed me through bearing witness, slowing down, powerful invocation, seeing between the lines, showing up in all the glorious messiness of being human, and in being okay with just being.” — Kaitlynn, Account Executive
“I found it endlessly fascinating to witness my fellow dancers express what was going on in them, process what needed to be processed. I didn’t feel like a passive onlooker, but was touched and moved. A beautiful practice, to share dance in this strange corona format. On the surface it might seem boring, but is anything but. A humbling experience, and a reminder of what it is like to be human.
There is a joy and pleasure dancing with others IRL that dancing on Zoom can’t quite offer. But dancing alone, witnessed and guided, added another dimension. I don’t quite know how to put it, but it sort of made me feel more real and alive knowing that I was being seen. I also noticed the shifts in myself in a clearer way. The word that come to mind to describe my experience is “distilled” – more presence and awareness, more connection, deeper shifts.
I also liked the way you held the space for us. Calm, clear, compassionate and with your special “Adam edge” to it.” — Iréne, Stress management coach


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