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Being Real
27 Mar 20 - 29 Mar 20 / Australia, Mullumbimby

Do you approach your practice as a means to improve yourself, feeling judged as defective, either by an outside authority, or even yourself? What if how we actually are is just as it should be? What would our practice be like if we allowed everything to be as it is?

What if we simply focused on embodying and telling the truth?

This isn’t an invitation to slob out and be passive, because included in all-that-we-are is the desire to grow and evolve beyond what we know. It’s just a shift of emphasis so that we come from a place of deep permission for the whole spectrum of ourselves to be present rather than trying to live up to a standard.

Light, dark, and shadow. Power and vulnerability. All welcome.

Whether you’re feeling nervous and shy, or bold and big, whether you’re falling apart or celebrating life, there’s a dance for everything. Whatever’s going on, there’s a way to embody it, express it, and let the quiet magic of dedicated practice take you home.