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12 Nov 19 - 17 Nov 19 / Germany, Seminarhaus Hollerbühl Dachsberg

Sex, money, power, and creativity

A ZeroOne movement based enquiry into the four fundamental forces of adulthood. Enter into your relationship with sex, money, and power as the three egoic gateways to addiction and corruption, that we must grapple with if we are to establish healthy, pleasurable and creative ways of moving in the world. What else is possible? 

Shine a light into your darker corners, face your dragons, and be the adult who can move through every moment as a skilful dancer, able to turn every experience into an opportunity for creative action. In this way we practice letting our desires for life become an integrated creative offering that is the foundation for meaningful work in the world. 

For this is the way through the consuming drives we naturally have: to turn everything into creative action that is oriented towards connection and service, to light up your sphere of influence with integrity and a joy of life.   

The human race is in desperate need of profound transformation. Let’s get moving, speak the truth, and strengthen our ability to be part of the solution. 

Price: €475 regular price, €425 early bird rate until Sept 15th