What? How? When?

What? How? When?

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WHAT are you struggling with?

HOW can movement help?

WHEN is the right time for something other than movement?

This is the recording from the recent Q&A session on movement practice. Some interesting themes came out — see below for the listing if you want to skip forward.

Please do share on your platform if you think your friends may find some of this useful too, and comment below or in the YouTube page directly. 

0.47: personal story from me on handling family triggers

3.33: the story behind ZeroOne

11.10: why we need movement practice to evolve for present times

16.11: grief, and when movement is not enough

24.49: the value of being still, managing high energy in a healthy way, and integrating the ZeroZone into movement practice

31.37: the connection between tiredness, trauma, and spirituality

41.46: feminine power and balancing with the masculine

44.18: intimacy via Zoom: what’s possible, what isn’t, what hurts and what’s beautiful

54.14: leadership, humanity, and the evolution of human consciousness: how that affects us personally

1.02.24: living alone in the pandemic; the cost of our choices on our wellbeing and sanity

Spiritual Practice, Healing, and Art
Adam Barley | Mar 16 2022
During my work, stuff comes up. There’s often a strong sense of moving through it in a way that feels like healing, to use the original meaning of the word which is related to wholeness, and holiness. We become more completely ourselves.  Because of this common experience, there’s a tendency to think of it as ...
Grieving is Medicine
Adam Barley | Sep 20 2021
Everything seems normal here.  I can hear the guy who lives across the street fixing up the garden shed he’s been working on for months.  The sparrows are a riot in the tangled threads of Russian vine spilling over into our garden from next door.  I’m just back from taking my youngest to school, all ...
Movement Practice in Focus
Adam Barley | Aug 3 2021
Sometimes it’s great to just dance. Never mind trying to get anywhere or achieve anything. Just dance.  Often however, I need to take a step within myself. I want to achieve something, such as to get out of my head or release some pent-up feelings, enquire into a relationship dynamic or clarify a life-choice, etc. Things like that.  Knowing clearly what our intention makes ...
Movement, home, alone?
Adam Barley | Jun 7 2021
The land for miles around where we live is littered with my graves.  The tree I danced underneath last year, showered with blossom; the hill where I sang to the rising sun; the dark ground I pawed at in anguish; the cliff edge where I wept and rocked myself back into connection; the favourite bit ...
Men, Violence and Evolution
Adam Barley | Apr 18 2021
A white man in his fifties . . .  For many people, I am automatically and understandably representative of ‘the problem’. It’s easy for me to see that point of view. Humans like me have been and are particularly instrumental in perpetuating the horrifying story of separation and dominance that is ravaging the planet. For me, the dominance-battle most close ...

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