The other day someone lamented to me that their evening classes available locally were too shallow. I quite often hear this, and I think it’s very natural once you’ve done really deep study in workshop environments. Tragically, a lot of people who dance every week at their local class think that that’s it, and have

Conscious practice

Moving my body is not enough for deep practice: consciousness of my breath is required. Without breath (it’s so much easier to say/write “breath”, but what I really mean is something that cannot be accurately spoken of…. something like… consciousness of what is inside the breath, which is consciousness itself)…. without breath my practice is

Intricate nuances within the rhythms maps

This is about a technical point that may not interest many of you. I like it though 🙂  I’m fascinated by the fractal pattern that is embodied through the rhythms, and this is a nice detail: I was explaining to a group how the feet —being the gateway to Flowing— are essentially a feminine polarity,

Addiction to peak experience – what else is possible?

On the island in Poland a couple of weeks ago I found myself talking about chasing peak experiences in spiritual practice. How I sought deep and meaningful experiences as though that was the goal and the benchmark of good practice. Er… no… that’s one fifth….. Technical note for those interested in such things: each aspect of

Chaos has barely started

Are you aware that what’s going on at this time is a collective shift from an era of Staccato into one of Chaos? Going through my “Evolution” workshop in Toronto over the weekend, this was our investigation, and I was asked to write about it too. So here goes… We’re approaching the middle of a gigantic

Technique! — "Breathe through the mouth?"

Someone just asked me, “what’s the thing about breathing with your mouth open during 5Rhythms practice?” This was interesting timing because after donkey’s years of being convinced that this is the most advantageous way to go, I’ve just seen things from a different perspective. I’ll share what wisdom I’ve gathered, both old and new.  Summary:

Sexuality on the dance floor

In the lunchtime of a workshop recently, a woman came to me distressed. She was feeling harassed by a man on the dance floor that morning, and she was asking for guidance on how to deal with it. I am well aware that this happens a lot. It happens the other way around too of

Recapitulation on and off the dance floor

‘Recapitulation’ —in the context of healing— is the process of releasing patterns that have been holding us, stuck in the past in some way. There’s lots of advice out there on how to do this on purpose; identifying something you feel is holding you back, and doing some kind of exercise to let it go.

Power and vulnerability

There is a dark-light power Given to us from above and below To use as we choose For a few short years   When we fully stand in that power Allowing it to stream through And be seen by the world We expose our deepest vulnerability   Let’s shine And dare To dream

Turning the page

To all those of you who have shown up and surfed through waves with me, co-created so many incredible moments of work that feel as though they genuinely make a difference, not just in our own souls but in the world as a whole… Thank you for teaching me over and over again what this