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A blindspot, a teaching, and a laugh

There’s only one thing Gabrielle told us during our teacher training that I really remember, but 23 years later it’s still as clear as a bell: “Get ready. You’re going to be doing your healing in public now.” I’ve found that to be true a thousand times in front of a room of dancers, but

Contact Improv and 5Rhythms?

  This is a subject that comes up every now and then between 5R teachers — many of us find it annoying when people are basically doing a different practice on the dance floor, and contact improv is the one that shows up most often. If I was leading a Christian service and someone was

Liquid light

Walking down to the station from my house in gorgeous late afternoon sun; England is so beautiful on days like this. I love my home, yet there’s always a spring in my step when I’m out on the road again. I really am a pilgrim. For that’s what it feels like each time. No matter

Love and War

Once again, I’m moved to write something about world events. The tragedies happening around the world such as in London last night, like a cry of pain and rage utterly desperate to be heard. There are many people writing much more skilfully than I can about the political causes and ramifications, so I won’t go there even

Underneath Form

I’m referencing the diaspora of the 5Rhythms world here, some of which are listed on my links page.  Last year I finally went to One Dance Tribe; they’d been inviting me for a few years and the dates hadn’t worked, but also I’d been hesitant to immerse myself a smorgasbord of practices. I love the 5Rhythms

Art, healing, and politically correct minefields.

Gabrielle used to say that the 5Rhythms are a practice that integrates three paths: shamanism, tantra, and Zen. There’s another way to cut it as well – to see our practice as balancing and integrating healing, art, and spiritual experience. I think we conflate these aspects of our work, leading to confusion, disappointment, and even


Oh It’s so scary being alive!! For what feels like the ten thousandth time, my practice this morning is to let my fear actually move, to crack the ice, to get down out of my nonsense and come alive into the embodied presence of my animal instincts: my Fabulously Effective Awareness Radar for change and danger. To come


I love the Autumn Equinox, with the change of night/day balance at its fastest, hurtling towards the dark just as the harvest is at its fullest. Magical. Also, it’s the day when the whole world has the same hours of night and day: 12 hours all around. Unity today. So, apposite to this day of diurnal unison, here’s news of


It’s funny, how things go. I had my website completely redesigned, and then in the very same time frame I unexpectedly moved through a doorway into a different inner landscape that I don’t know how to write from. So I have this brand new blog page and haven’t written anything on it. I guess I

Cracks & Light

Leonard Cohen famously said that there’s a crack in everything; that’s how the light gets in. Though in the case of us humans, it’s also how the light gets out, so I would say that when we crack, the light gets through: Chaos begets Lyrical Teaching Into the Light last weekend in Helsinki, where it