'Truth' . . .

. . . is deeply personal these days. For me, it only gets a capital letter when it’s at the beginning of a sentence, for who knows anything beyond what we can actually see, hear, touch?

Faced with a thousand questions, dilemmas and profound challenges, maybe the best solution is to let go of grasping for solutions. To relax into the experience of not knowing, and trust the organic process of being alive to lead us right where we need to go. 

So with the awareness that nothing is certain and I could be completely mistaken, here are some reflections from a few decades of using embodiment practices to make my way through life. 

Maybe my perception of what’s true will have some resonance with you. I hope so. Please do comment if you’re moved to.

Wishing you well, 


Adam Barley
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So much has changed in my work and world that I’d like to give you a catch-up, particularly for if you’re interested in training with ZeroOne, but also just if you’ve been following my work.

Let’s go back a bit.

Twin currents ripping through our human collective On the one hand: a hysterical frenzied appetite for information that has now reached astronomical proportions — a vast tsunami overwhelming us all with a cacophony of data...