Brutal Compassion?

Here’s a transcript from a long residential workshop: about compassion, the shadow, and the importance of not taking oneself too seriously (which I brilliantly demonstrated at the end by almost setting myself on fire, knocking over a candle as I sat down!) It’s natural and appropriate to take ourselves if not seriously then at least


Dancing this morning with only a candle and moonlight streaming into our kitchen, I was suddenly awash with all the freshness and innocence that I had 25 years ago when I consciously took the rhythms on as a practice. This was so dear to feel after so many years. Years through which, along with countless

Silence in practice

When I was first getting into the 5Rhythms I was living in a converted van, so my practice often happened in forests or on mountains where I was parked up. There were no evening classes to be found anywhere either, so I had to figure it out for myself. Coming from ten years of sitting


Funny thing, a new year, isn’t it? We all look for significance and new beginnings to go along with the calendar. I feel fortunate this year to have had some kind of gateway happen totally naturally without any ‘doing’ from my personality (which I take as a good sign). It’s linked to all of us


Heading home on a fast train through beautiful Scottish lowlands, blazing sunlight streaming horizontal under clouds and over hills. How I love these isles, especially in the north, where the rocks are darker and the air shimmers with some mystery that’s harder to see in the more civilised south. Feeling full and clear from a

Dancing is just an attitude

a little while ago I resolved to talk less and move more in my marriage, with my friends, everywhere I like it I bought a little notepad and pen, and wrote on the front page “I’m not talking at the moment”. Showing it to people when I feel like being quiet, and then negotiating some

Awakening – intro

  Connected to this year’s on-going group, Awakening, I am writing a series of five Red Line posts, about five styles of awakening. Here’s the intro to the series… Maybe it sounds a bit grand, calling this year’s on-going group “Awakening”. My English tendency towards understatement didn’t have anything to do with it. It’s not

Awakening #1

ANOTHER ORDINARY DAY – (Flowing) “Life in itself is so beautiful that to ask the question of the meaning of life is simply nonsense.” – Osho This morning, the sun came up: as it does. I saw it peeking through the trees on the other side of the valley, still in my dressing gown, making

Awakening #2

READY, AIM, FIRE! – (Staccato) Going with the Flow is great when the time is right, and a Chaos-worshipping surrender to the big mystery is bliss when it comes naturally. But in between these mighty rhythms lives the much-maligned masculine deity of Staccato, and sometimes when Father says ‘stop’ we’d better stop. And when he


Midsummer dreaming warm footsteps fall breath takes shape in sand