The other day someone lamented to me that their evening classes available locally were too shallow. I quite often hear this, and I think it’s very natural once you’ve done really deep study in workshop environments. Tragically, a lot of people who dance every week at their local class think that that’s it, and have

Conscious practice

Moving my body is not enough for deep practice: consciousness of my breath is required. Without breath (it’s so much easier to say/write “breath”, but what I really mean is something that cannot be accurately spoken of…. something like… consciousness of what is inside the breath, which is consciousness itself)…. without breath my practice is

Intricate nuances within the rhythms maps

This is about a technical point that may not interest many of you. I like it though 🙂  I’m fascinated by the fractal pattern that is embodied through the rhythms, and this is a nice detail: I was explaining to a group how the feet —being the gateway to Flowing— are essentially a feminine polarity,