you can’t protect yourself from life and you can’t save yourself from death so let go…. “The time between when you jump and when you land; that’s God.” Gabrielle Roth

Insights from the dance floor

We’ve all felt that sense of deep health that comes out of a damn good dance, but there’s also this phenomenon of learning things, right? We literally get insights into our character and life story that can be profound. Question: how to make the most of these gems? Tackling this question is vital if we’re


“Don’t curse the darkness; light a candle.” Met a friend on the street the other day, whom I could see was upset. I asked her what was up, and after stumbling through a few things that hadn’t gone well that day, she said “Actually, it’s the state our world is in.” We both almost fell

Dancing at home

In my early days of being in love with the 5Rhythms, I lived on the road, in a van. So my practice needed to happen out in nature a lot. I quickly learnt that it was a mistake to try to have the same experience in the woods as if I was in a studio.