Awakening #3

ALL CHANGE!! (Chaos) “The time between when you jump and when you land – that’s God.” Gabrielle Roth We get these turning points, don’t we, where something has to change. Sometimes change comes as evolution, feeling natural and easy, Flowing-style. But sometimes it storms through as a Chaotic force. We can feel our moorings being

Awakening #4

THERE’S A WORLD OUT THERE! (Lyrical) There’s a common impulse I’ve witnessed a thousand times amongst people who fall in love with this practice. Very early on, even after their first deep moment on the dance floor, they will have the urge to teach. This is very natural in one way, and yet often a

Awakening #5

WE’RE ALREADY HERE, AND THIS IS ALREADY HAPPENING (Stillness) So this is the first of five notes on awakening – five different styles or stages, one related to each rhythm. There’s an intro about it here. Each of these five notes relates to one of the rhythms, but I’m going to go in reverse order,