The Time is Now

Talking with a friend last night, he was relaying a story of some meditation teachers of his describing this as “dark times”. I found myself wondering about that phrase. I find these to be everything times – beautiful and terrible, dark, light, shadowy, and everything in between. The only thing that doesn’t seem to be

Attention Wave +

Dear Red Line followers, This post from last week – your responses made me realise I could have been more explicit. I meant for you to use this as an inspiration, and create your own waves. What aspect of human experience could you investigate? Can you find the rhythms moving through it? my practice this


Driving back home late Saturday night after a class in London… tuning into some random station I found these monster beats thumping out of the radio. It went on for some 25 minutes before someone spoke. The soundscape this guy was pumping was just incredible: a masterpiece for altered states, brilliantly designed to take my