Third module of Moving Paths….. we investigated how to integrate the teachings of the dance into speaking with each other more deeply than I ever have. In particular how to go through conflict. Here’s part of what we saw: That in a good friendship, each person can trust the relationship more deeply than even themselves


“If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space” Anon (well lots of people claim to have this as their quote, but I don’t know who really did coin it first) A human being is an extraordinary creature. This much we know – the question is more, in what way are

"Beyond" the rhythms

Breakthroughs can come in unlikely places, and they’re not always spectacular. Lorca and I have just had the honour and pleasure of giving our Live Wire workshop in Krakow, at a wonderful new black box theatre there. Friday evening we got everything set up with time to spare, and I got to use the whole