ZeroOne: a movement meditation practice for

 individual and collective empowerment


move freely and be at home in your body

embody and
express your feelings so that they become a resource for creative action

get to know disowned parts of yourself and
unleash the power that’s locked up in avoiding being yourself

access your natural birthright to create your life path in every moment


intelligence of the body with its wild instinct for being in the right place at the right time

intelligence of the heart, enabling you to relate to others in ways that are truly deeply full of life

intuitive and intellectual
intelligence of the mind, which gets the big picture as well as the details

intelligence of the whole: body-heart-mind brilliance that is unique and switched on


movement – stillness

feminine – masculine

body – breath

war – peace

life – death

0 – 1


“I learned to have the courage to feel.”

Single mother of two lovely kids

“Holy moly! Adam, thank you for a shatteringly brilliant in the best of ways workshop last weekend. I just had a great time.”

Kate Monro

“A very intense and wonderful practice…”

Media Manager National Opera House, Paris

“I thought I´d say something like you save my life… but actually you don´t save my life. I am not in danger of dying. You just make my life so much more full of joy every f***ing minute (when I am conscious) with these opportunities you give! It makes this huge, really huge difference.”

Civil Engineer and climber
“I felt a force which came through my vulnerability, which brought a soft kind of love, and gratefulness.”
Tax officer

“In daily life, I saw a transformation, much more at ease in contact with others.”


“I am more conscious and in contact with my breath and body, with a deeper understanding of stillness.”

Violinist, teacher, explorer

“Adam is a gem: a highly experienced guide and a visionary source of wisdom, possessing authenticity, humility, and humour that radiate through his work.”

Nicola Holmes
Coach and Facilitator, Toronto

“I feel good, grounded, no panic. Less dissociated.
Peter Levine and you are big gifts from heaven in dealing with PTSD.”


“This field you created gives me the trust that there is some real change in human consciousness arising. I feel a true strength inside.”

Yoga Teacher

“Adam has a stellar reputation for his enthusiasm and professional demeanor, and is one of the most sought after facilitators in the global conscious movement circuits. An elite leader in the field and a recognized pioneer.”

Mark Metz
Founder of Conscious Dancer Magazine

“I have a whole new range of tools, insights and clarified landscapes. Something really worked.”

Production assistant at the Conscious Dance Conference

“The practice was deeply releasing for me.”

Embodied Facilitator Course

“Thank you for a beautiful brilliant superb so helpful workshop.”


“Thank you for the work you are doing. What I have learnt from you helped me through some very difficult times.”


“I have greatly expanded my range of movements and their combination, and regained my internal connection.”

Aga Lesny
experience designer

“I’ve learned to fight for my life, to dance like a derwish, and that I can’t make anybody love me!”


The ZeroOne practice has been conceived and founded by Adam Barley, and at present he is the only person offering workshops or classes. As the practice evolves, there will be trainings for others to become ZeroOne facilitators; for more information please contact us.

Adam Barley (UK)

By some wild grace I found the core vision for ZeroOne via a school maths lesson that I never forgot, melded with my passion for altered states and understanding this reality we live in. I bring a deep commitment to the synthesis of radical awakening and artistic expression through movement practice, and a devotion to embodied experience as a 24/7 discipline. I have also learnt the hard way that movement alone is not enough; that we need to speak the truth in words too. So be it. 

Adam knew from a very early age that he longed to be a pilgrim, had his first glimpse of the truth aged 17, and set out to find his feet a year later. With nearly 40 years experience in meditation and embodiment practices, he focussed deeply upon the 5Rhythms from 1991-2019, training with Gabrielle Roth to teach her work and building a world-wide reputation for powerfully transformative workshops. Having understood the profound symbolism of Euler’s Identity —arguably the keystone of mathematics— his work is now coming of age, integrating its meaning into an understanding of human nature and thereby bridging the worlds of science and spirituality.

The development of ZeroOne has also been brilliantly shaped by the following contributors:

Karen Melin, west-coast Canada

Awed by the human capacity to adapt and reach potential, I’m also a practical creature fuelled by a fascination for how things work: for me, that’s ZeroOne in practice. With an acute sensitivity to and awareness of the physical body, its relationship to its environment, protective and defensive patterns, I inject ZeroOne with the neurobiological understanding of trauma and physiology to support the impulse available for movement in every moment.

Karen draws on nearly 40 years of movement coaching, analysis and practice that developed in the world of Olympic sport before turning her focus to restoring nervous system health and trauma healing. Benefitting from her engineer’s precision and understanding of complex systems, her study and professional experience as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner© focusses on addressing the integrity from the originating impulse through action to healthy completion. Karen engages and supports the deep physiological and developmental foundations that create nervous system regulation and resilience for people to experience a fuller, more resourced and coherent experience of life.

Mackenzie Amara, California / Zurich

Informed by nonduality, transpersonal & analytical psychologies, & psyche herself, I endeavor to bring a phenomenological (lived-in), scientific, & out-of-the-box perspective on psychology, addiction, compulsion, & sexuality to ZeroOne. In my work I explore the interplay of conscious & unconscious aspects of psyche. I am informed by the archetypal underpinnings of the collective unconscious as well as a mad, broken, charmed childhood & adolescence. My life has been a study in wildness & I take comfort in edge-walking. I gather my strength from years of spelunking in the caves of my own murky shadow. I listen deeply, see clearly, & am unafraid of the dark.

Mackenzie is a soul scientist, thought-rebel, and renegade dreamer. An embodiment enthusiast, she shows an inspired dedication to learning & experiencing truth through the experience of her own body. Woven into her bodymindsoul tapestry are extensive studies of the Enneagram, comparative mythology & non-duality. She is a researcher, writer, & teacher with almost two decades of experience in the personal development & the human potential movements. She is currently a training candidate at the International School of Analytical Psychology & a doctoral candidate at the Sofia Institute. She was certified as a 5Rhythms® teacher in 2014, holds a masters degree in Clinical & Counselling Psychology & a certificate in Integrative Harm Reduction Psychotherapy from The Center for Optimal Living & The New School for Social Research. Her undergraduate research focused on Child & Adolescent Psychology, Rites of Passage, and spiritual development. Above all, she is committed to living a life of radical responsibility & igniting freedom in any and all beings brave enough to truly want it.


Yves Delattre (Brussels)

If Zero One is a full pack, I’m its wild card, its ready wit, warped at times, playful always, often curious. I add a creative touch to our work, scribbling and doodling, weaving syllables, embellishing. I move outside of the known, shake the dust out of complacency, and question everything. 

Yves grew up at the crossroads of Latin and Germanic worlds and has a strong connection with anything hybrid, impure or crossover. Professionally he counts more than 30 years of activity in the performing arts (acting, moving, dancing, playing, singing…). He has also been developing his own research on the arts of bodywork, creating his own blend with influences from various techniques either on land (thai massage, osteopathy …) or in warm water pools (Watsu, WaterDance, Healing Dance…).

Maria-Carin Gala (UK)

I bring the perspective of “Dancer!” — one who will use this practice day to day. Movement has been my core personal practice for many years, and I bring a refreshing down to earth perspective to the creation process, continually asking “Is this really useful? Does it work? Does it feel good in my belly?” 

Maria-Carin has been around radical self-development practices all her life, with Sannyas parents and early years at a school based on Osho’s teachings. A vegan chef and coach by profession, who has created healthy food for people from all walks of life from film stars to refugees and big gatherings of soul-seekers, she is devoted to feeding desires and breaking through habits both in and beyond the kitchen. She is currently working on her first cookbook.


We are also deeply grateful to Si Thacker for his invaluable contribution.


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Spirit inside everything.

Silent still spaciousness

is Zero

You are a being, infused with Spirit

Just like every tree, every rock, every atom

You are a One, infused with Zero

To practice is to embody

The wild zen mix of Zero – One:

Moving awake, being still,

Continually evolving

This is medicine for humans in a digital world

The red pill that opens the matrix

Stops the race

Turns on the truth

Our experience is our responsibility

The time is now

For us to link arms

Hold hands

And walk forwards

Always listening to the silence

While we boldly speak the truth

As best we can

Shine a light into the world

Let us add to this great turning

So that the breakdown of all we’ve known
becomes a breakthrough into a new time

That time is now

stop… listen… move…
allow the senses of your animal body
to bring you to your human power